This or That #42


This or That #42

Which of these is worse….

Not liking the main character in a story


Not liking the plot of the story

I think that not liking the plot of a story can be much worse than not liking a main character of a book. Even sometimes when I’ve not liked a particular character in a book, I have enjoyed the story and sometimes some of the other characters make up for the “lack of character” of a main character. Then again I don’t think I’ve ever really read a book where there’s only been one character in the whole book.

I have a read book where I was not enjoying the plot or theme of the book, it felt a little to close to home, and I had to stop reading it, and I have not read it since. I can even read characters that I don’t necessarily like but it has nothing to do with the writing of the character. Sometimes the most horrible characters who do horrible things are beautifully written.

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