Four Facts Survey

I was recently tagged in Bookmark Chronicles Four Facts Survey (Bookmark Chronicles)

So here we go!

The Questions:

Four names People Call Me Other Than My Real Name:

Lolsy (surprise,hehe) * Lol * Lolly * Lozza

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

Information Services Officer * Front Desk Reception * Call centre operator * General Admin

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:

Moulin Rouge * Final Fantasy:Advent Children * Nightmare Before Christmas * Beauty and the Beast.

Four Authors I’d Recommend:

Jodi Picoult (ditto) * Cassandra Clare * Ruth Park * Paulo Coelho,

Four Places I’ve Lived:

South Australia * Arizona … That’s it really, I went from living nowhere to going to the other side of the world. One extreme to the other!

Four Places I’ve Visited:

Arizona * California * UK * Nearly all the states in Australia.

Four Things I’d Rather Be Doing Now:

Starting to play with Polymer Clay (want to see where that goes) * doing a little dancing * saving the world =P * reading a good book on holiday.

Four Foods I Prefer Not to Eat:

Offal anything food * Spicy * heavy chocolate (I can eat chocolate, but not when it’s ‘heavy’, if that makes sense) * Aniseed.

Four Favorite Foods:

Nacho Cheese Doritos(though may have to stop eating those!) * Lasagne * most seafood * granny smith apples.

Four TV Shows I Watch:

Homicide Hunter * Reign (LOVE IT!) * Golden Girls (I really like re-watching classics) * Simpsons.

Four Things I’m Looking Forward to This Year:

Seeing where this whole polymer clay thing takes me * getting a job in a library (this will happen) * Moving in officially with my partner * Just having a good year,lol.

Four Things I’m Always Saying:

Sorry (it’s a problem,lol) * No way! * Yay * How can we help you today (work)

Four People I Nominate:

Vrushali * Holistic Wayfarer * The Orangutan Librarian * Cryptic Princess

Feel free to ignore or have fun:) Please take a look at the above Bloggers!

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