Hardest Lessons Pt2

You could probably tell from my last few blogs that I have had a pretty rough week last week. It was the weirdest feeling that I’ve ever had in my whole life…The weirdest things have come out of it.

The hardest lesson we will ever learn is to just love ourselves. We just seem to give love and want love so easily, but when it comes to ourselves, we are just horrible to our own-selves. The majority of us are very good people, so why do we punish ourselves so much? Its one of those great mysteries of life.

Even the work that I have done on myself this week is something I haven’t done in years…Literally years! It’s been great.



2 thoughts on “Hardest Lessons Pt2

  1. I was glad to read the ending of this post! I’m sorry your week has not been a good one. And you are sooo right. We don’t concentrate on ourselves enough, cut ourselves enough slack, praise ourselves, often enough. We are quick to care for others, as you’ve pointed out, but leave ourselves to last if at all. You inspire me.

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