I don’t usually post on a weekend, but there has been a situation that came to my attention and it has honestly disturbed me.

Now I get Johnny Depp has been around for years, is nice to look at and the character that he’s played are totally iconic…Does this make him a God, No…Does this make him perfect, Hell no! Who knows, maybe this was an once off incident…Does Amber deserve all the hate she’s been getting?


It disturbs me on a level that all these so called “women” are just hating on her and saying she’s making it up. I did think it was weird that it seemed to happen so quickly and it makes sense to me. It is dangerous all the hate being directed towards Amber Heard. It is completely irresponsible. I believe it’s also part of the reason why Women will never be taken seriously, how can we be? One “woman” I was arguing with had a Photoshop picture of herself with Prince, like a 12 year old. Yet, everyone took her side. What kind of grown ass woman has a Photoshop picture of herself? I used to do that when I was in high school.

How many of these ‘women’ were shocked by Bill Cosby, how many of them blamed the victim. How many of them were heart broken by Rolf Harris and his horrible continuing behaviours towards his victims.

We live in a modern age, it is time we stop worshipping these “celebrities” so much and find someone worthwhile to “worship”. Though I don’t think we should ever worship anyone.


One thought on “Worship

  1. Now see I look at it a different way. I’ve been in abusive relationships. And while I don’t worship celebrities nor do I have any stake in their personal relationships, but the timing of everything Amber Heard has done is suspect and for that reason, not because I like Johnny Depp’s acting, is why I think she’s lying. From experience and from being around many women who have gone through the same things (abusive relationships of varying types), I would offer the opinion that while abusers can often hide their behavior from the public and even from their victim at first, it’s unusual that the women in their past haven’t experienced some form of abuse as well. Not only have there never been ANY reports of Depp’s abuse (except against hotel rooms), the women in his past are coming forward as character witnesses on his behalf. THAT is unusual if a man is really an abuser. Instead of women from his past jumping on the bandwagon and saying “yes, I was abused too!” as so often happens in these Hollywood stories, the exact opposite is true. Abuse victims simply do not act like Amber Heard has been acting. The information being “leaked,” doctored texts, questionable photos, it all sounds more like she’s perpetrating a well laid out plan because the court denied her ridiculously high spousal support request which she should not receive.

    I think you’re absolutely right that women are judged and often not taken seriously when they file complaints of abuse, rape, and other harassment. But I feel it’s BECAUSE of women just like Amber Heard that others are not taken seriously. Well that and the fact that we live in an incredibly patriarchal society.

    I usually take a woman’s side at first jump regardless of the situation because of my past experiences with men (I tend to not give men a break). But in this case, for whatever it’s worth, I just didn’t. It just all seems suspect. We can all be wrong about these things, whether it’s a close friend’s relationship or watching people from afar in Hollywood. And if I’m wrong, I’ll be the first one to admit it. But having witnessed abuse, having witnessed the testimony of so many different women who were abused in so many different ways, Heard’s story simply doesn’t ring true. And in fact, sounds like a set-up for financial reasons.

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