Life Lessons…The hardest of Lessons

This is a little different post for “Life Lessons of the Libraries” and I feel like it’s one of the hardest lessons to learn and I am learning it again…For the millionth times.

Sometimes I feel like heartbreak in a romantic relationship is more than a majority of the time, inevitable. The breaking of a friendship though can sometimes be if not just as hard, but sometimes harder than the break down of a romantic relationship. Clearly there are different variables.

I seem to be going through this with some friends who I thought I was really close with. They just seem to have cut themselves off from me and any-time that I plan to meet up with them, they keep cancelling. The biggest insult is when they’ll hang out with people I introduced them too!

I think the hardest things about these situations is you never seen them coming. You think you are really close and then suddenly you are completely blind-sided. Which is why I find friendship breakups really hard, because you very rarely see them coming. Especially when you are getting dumped for a group of people who are just horrible. Case example, Girls brother comes up to me (guys have been dumping me to be with this girl) and I feel uncomfortable talking to her brother about it. Except he says “They only like girls who can’t think for themselves”…That was the last time I saw that group. However, it’s kind of personally insulting to me to be dumped for a group like that -.- Where siblings have no respect for each other.

6 thoughts on “Life Lessons…The hardest of Lessons

  1. Friendships are hard things to lose – hardest is the realization that the friendship was never really true to begin with. I’m a bit weird in that I draw fairly solid lines between friendship and acquaintanceship. It is often said that in Germany, it is hard to find a friend; but once you find one, you’ve found a friend for life. For the most part, at least in my life, this has been true. Two friends I’ve lost, and was crushed each time. Acquaintances I’ve made and lost quite often in life … I miss some of the better acquaintances, but wasn’t devastated to lose them. As for people who prefer to move in groups with women who can’t (or won’t) think for themselves … I’ve known plenty of people who share this preference; and from their perspective, I’m realistic enough to understand why. At the same time, though, I have generally gravitated toward women who actually have an informed opinion and show no hesitation to stand behind it.

    I hope things improve for your social life soon, and that you find some true friends!

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      1. What I have been happy to see through this is that you are not questioning yourself – you seem to know your own worth and what you bring to the table in a friendship, and are able to see that what has happened is a reflection of the failings of others. I think this is a very good thing, and it will leave you in a position to establish healthier friendships in the future 🙂

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      2. I think it’s because I know I haven’t done anything, whatever is going on with them. It’s on them. Plus I’ve been through this before and I learnt it’s better to do nothing sometimes,lol

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