Cleaning out my Closet

Usually I would be posting about Bookmark Chronicles “This or That – Category” challenge on a Wednesday evening, but Bookmark Chronicles (please check them out) is taking a week off to concentrate to find their dream life and make it happen! We, at the Library, wish them all the luck in the world!

Instead of writing a in-depth, get to know me type of Blog. I am taking the day to clean today. When I say clean, I mean clean…I have always found cleaning to be therapeutic. So not only am I cleaning the house and my room today, but I am cleaning out my laptop. Getting rid of old files, games and photos I don’t need or want any-more.

So, what do you do you readers, when you REALLY clean?

3 thoughts on “Cleaning out my Closet

  1. Usually, I have good music playing in the background when I decide to do a deep cleaning: everything gets pulled out, all the shelves and drawers get wiped out, and everything that passes my sorting criteria gets put back where it belongs. The dishwasher gets started. Trash gets sorted into recyclables. Once all that has been taken care of, I wipe everything down to get the dust and cat hairs out. Then I open all the windows and vacuum. Then mop. Dishwasher is opened when the mopping is finished; so the floors and dishes can dry with the air flowing through the open windows. Then comes a change of music from the good stuff (Offspring, usually) to something a bit more elf-friendly (what I usually revert to here is R. Carlos Nakai’s flute music), and I will usually get something to snack on and light up some nice incense. While the incense is burning, I’ll usually take a rattle and chime to every room, to weaken any negative energy that may be accumulated and at the same time invite friendly spirits to come share my home with me. When the rattling / chiming and incense are done, I close the windows and go out for a walk – making it a point the whole time I’m out to look forward to coming back home.

    This I do fairly routinely – once per month is typical for me. I do a lesser cleaning on a weekly basis; but generally can be counted on to straighten up my home on a daily basis, all the while being one of those who typically puts everything back where it belongs as soon as I’m done with it. In other words, I believe in a clean and orderly home … it doesn’t have to be a museum, it’s a place where I live after all; but I prefer to keep it clean.

    As for cleaning out my computer, this is also done on a weekly basis, when I do my backups and other system maintenance.

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      1. It fills me with joy to come home and know where everything is, and know that it’s clean and orderly. At least in my life, it’s been demonstrated that an orderly home is an outward sign of an ordered mind 🙂

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