This or That? #39


This or That #39

Oh my Goodness! I completely love this weeks, this or that!

Would you rather…

Spend 24 hours in a fictional world


Spend 24 hours with a fictional character

I have dreamt of both to these situation, it would be too embarrassing to admit, being an “adult”, how many times I have dreamt of both of these situations happening…Many…many…MANY times!


I am going to have to go with spending 24 hours with a fictional character. The only problem I would have is, who do I spend the 24 hours with when it comes to my lifelong fictional crushes.

Legolas, Thorin, Judah Bow?! Who! Who do I chose?!

I’d probably have to go with Thorin…It might come as shock to some as I have been in love with Orlando Bloom since LotR, but he never was my favourite character in the movies. My favourite character in the movie was actually Pippen aka Billy Boyd. Whereas Thorin was my favourite character and to be honest I actually Legolas better in The Hobbit rather than the Lord of the Ring. I’d probably end up not being able to say anything to Thorin, but I don’t mind mooning over him, with a little exploring,lol

2 thoughts on “This or That? #39

  1. Legolas in the LotR books was different than in the Hobbit – Jackson needed to dumb Legolas down in order to make Aragorn seem more powerful (keeping in mind that Jackson didn’t have the luxury of being able to go into detail about the Dúnedain and why Aragorn was more than the average ‘middle-man’). We have Aragorn holding his own against a few Ring-Wraiths; but with no satisfactory explanation as to why he can do this. In the Hobbit, Jackson could afford to unlock Legolas a little more. I’m not a real fan of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn … while he’s a great actor, I think he was wrong for the part. I see Aragorn differently … more brooding and perhaps more inwardly tortured, but without the outward emotional frailty and vulnerability he showed in the film adaptation; and with a much more commanding and dominating physical presence when in the foreground of things. In contrast, I thought the portrayal of Thorin was handled quite well in Jackson’s film adaptation.

    If I were going to spend 24 hours with any character from Tolkien’s Middle Earth, I’d probably choose Bombadil to slake my intellectual / spiritual curiosity. From the film adaptation, my attention was best held when Arwen challenged the Ring-Wraiths from across the river – not because this was not what was in the book (in the book, as I recall, it was Arwen’s father who sent the Black Riders into the drink); but because I thought what they did with Liv Tyler’s voice was amazing, and I could easily listen to a voice like that for 24 hours, even if she was simply reciting a shopping list.

    But in all honesty, my favorite fictional characters are not found in Tolkien’s works – even if his does represent one of my favorite fictional worlds. My favorite fictional characters come out of Star Trek: Captain Kirk and Commander Riker were role models for me while growing up; and I can’t help but think a day with either one would be truly inspiring! As for fictional worlds, I think Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time world would be fun; but only if I could channel (at least enough for decent gateways – I’d want to see a lot within the short, 24-hour visit) and didn’t have to constantly get drawn into one the male-female power struggles that seem to plague this world.

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