Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror Daily Prompts

Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?

A very interesting topic and one that really made me think. I guess sometime you just reflect and birthdays seems to be the great time for reflections. I think a lot of people would be shocked by the reflection that they see compared to the reflection I see. I think a lot of people think because I am relatively good looking everything must be quiet simple, but that’s not the case. Women, women give you the most grief. I have women hate on me based on nothing, the two who gave me the most problems, I’ve never even met them. It is amazing the problems that stem from this as well. You lose friends, I used to get on guys really well because they caused a lot less drama, unfortunately as I’ve gotten older, those guys want to get “laid” more and these girls will at least give them the impression that they’ll get lucky. It’s basic, and kind of pathetic, but that’s the reality. Because of this treatment, for so many years, it has chipped away how I see myself. For a long time I saw myself a something completely ugly. However, as time as go on I am beginning to see the beautiful person that I am. This is due to realising these other people who hate on me, ARE hating on me because of THEIR issues. It actually has very little too do with me. Let’s be honest would you really want a lot of attention because people view you a certain way because you want to present yourself in a certain way. Wouldn’t you rather have a few good friends who know you for who you are, and don’t have to present yourself in anyways whatsoever? How sad and lonely of a life it must be to never really know if people like you for you.

It’s probably the biggest lesson someone can learn.

Based on my experiences, looks mean nothing to me. Beauty shines from the heart, the mind and who you truly are.


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