This or That #38


This or That #38

This week I want to know…

Do you ever skip pages or read ahead?

Oh no, I am going to have to put my hands up here…I have been guilty of doing this. I’ve done this with stories where I am so confused what’s been going on. I’ve done it with stories where I have liked a particular character and I wanted to make sure what happens to them during the story. Do they survive? Do they end up with the one I want them too? I only seem to do it with stories where I actually really like the characters or the stories…Is that odd?lol … I use to do it with those stories where you could choose the ending, if I didn’t get the ending I wanted to after a couple of go’s…I use to work backwards,lol


4 thoughts on “This or That #38

  1. I have the habit of reading stories multiple times. The first time I read anything, I make it a point not to skip and jump. Slowly, almost pedantically, I take in every word. I also have the habit of visualizing everything I read … because of this, I tend to read a bit more slowly than many. But I very rarely miss details and can immerse myself in a story so deeply that afterwards, I can repeat the story to someone as though I had lived through the story, myself. Afterwards, when I re-read, I will skip and jump a bit because I re-read in order to connect various events within the story or pick out various devices the author employs in telling the story.

    Patience is a hallmark of mine, lol. As a child, during one winter, I wanted to go outside to play in the snow. My mother advised me to dress warmly because it was cold enough outside to freeze water. That interested me; so I put some water in a bucket and watched it freeze. I enjoyed the experience so much, I did it again. Over the years, I have only become more patient. I have, since last year, been reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, one book after the next, without pause. I first started reading these books in the ’90’s; then had to stop because I had little time for reading fiction. I’ve waited 20 years to find out how things go for Rand al’Thor, and I have all of the books in the series now … yet I am still reading word-for-word, page-for-page, book-for-book without skipping ahead. I also held off from seeing the new Star Wars movie in the cinemas because I wanted to see the movie in its original language, and not the translated-into-German version. I just saw the movie … but until I did, I deliberately avoided all conversations or discussions about the movie, in real life or online. I wanted the surprise, and was willing to wait for it. This doesn’t mean I am immune to the urge to speculate – in fact, it is one of my greatest pleasures while reading a story. I like to guess – and really enjoy it when it turns out I’m completely off in my guess, as it means the story was written in a way that surprised me 🙂

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      1. No dedication required: simply tell yourself that you will, whenever you get the chance, whenever that chance may be; then don’t let yourself forget to look for the chance 😉


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