The Leper

One of my ex’s got married over the weekend and on the day in question, everyone treated me like a Leper, afraid I’ll break…I don’t care that my ex got married, this particular partner was the worst person I ever dated, but taught me the most about myself and my limits. What I cared about and got upset about was that, even if I had been broken I didn’t appreciate the fact that no one was talking to me and no one was asking me if I was upset.

“The Leper”

So you got married today, not that I cared, my heart become a ghost town over you for such a long time. You taught me the biggest lessons about myself, I had to everything drop off of me before I could pick it up and reattach myself again.

You were the one that taught me the most about how now to be surprised that people will disappoint you, the ones you think you are closest too, watch them. Don’t trust someone the moment they give you a reason not too. For this I thank you because this has been my hardest lesson to learn.

It’s been a few weird years since we broke up, people I once called family I barely know now, but still continue to talk about me, like they’ve known me at all. When I don’t believe they ever even did. Half the time I wonder what I even doing there to begin with. How did I know this people? They’ve not changed at all and yet I feel like I have changed in every way possible.

I am definitely not the same person I was. I’ve gotten rid of all the boil, the scars, the rotting flesh and I am re-emerging as a new person…Possibly even a Golden Goddess?


8 thoughts on “The Leper

  1. Wonderful post! And I completely agree with you about ex’s moving on- I mean, why do people tiptoe around you when an ex is moving on? I mean, I always want to say “well obviously I’m not with this person- so *clearly* they’re not right for me”

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  2. I wonder how those same people would have treated you had you donned black and dressed with gothic face paint, and spent the day in a cemetary, mourning the death of a relationship that you categorize as rotten anyway? I would have been sorely tempted to do just that … it really irritates me to no end when others seem to feel I’m not competent enough to manage my own reactions, and I will admit a guilty pleasure in playing with such peoples’ minds ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. It was odd/funny in a way after we broke up because according to some I didn’t behave the “way I should have”. I got “shamed” for a lot of it too…I put it in “quotes” because I didn’t feel any shame,lol

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      1. Wow … I wasn’t aware that there was a universally accepted protocol for how to behave when a relationship ends? How utterly astounding … was it written by so-called experts; or was it a collaborative effort on behalf of a society full of people have the answer to everything (like 50% + divorce rates)? I guess the size of the writing might be a good indicator! If it was written by experts, I think I’ll wait a few more years for the revised edition to come along (experts do tend to change their opinions every five years or so); but if it was written by society then I guess I’d better just run right out and purchase a copy, so I can at least be aware of all the rules I’ve probably broken when getting out of relationships. I guess now I have the answer for why no one has ever wanted to break up with me twice, I failed to follow protocol … damn the bad luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

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