This or That #34


This or That #34

OTP (one true pair)


Love triangles

This seems relatively simple for me because love triangles tend to end up annoying me a lot. Mainly because during a book or series I end up really liking one particular pairing and sometimes love triangles end up really annoying me. For example, there have been a couple of series where the girl has flip flopped between two characters and sometimes I have felt like it has taken away from the story and the action of the plot line.

A great example of this is actually throughout one of my favourite series The Infernal Devices (Cassandra Clare) is a perfect example of a love triangle can nearly ruin the book. I love the series, I read it every year, except for the end. I don’t like how the ending took away from a really good and loving relationship and a great story and I don’t even understand why it ended the way it did.

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