Just a friendly reminder

Normally I don’t post on the weekends unless there is a very special reason too. This post is just a friendly reminder that tonight is “Earth Hour 2016” (You might have seen my previous post…24 Hours to go until Earth Hour 2016).

So what do you have planned? Are you ready to go?

4 thoughts on “Just a friendly reminder

  1. This isn’t as widespread in the U.S. as I wish it was. I think it’s a great way of raising awareness though, very similar to Earth Day. Some buildings in NYC’s Time Square turned off their lights/billboard signs, but not all. And the Empire State Building was “dimmed” (would’ve been a better gesture to have gone dark). I’m not sure about other cities. The U.S. sadly is just so far behind other countries in anything having to do with conservation or even remotely having to do with climate change (the general public that is, not scientists, we have loads of scientists). As for us, my daughter and I turned out the lights inside (along with all electronics) and spent some time together outside…had a fire in the fire pit, talked about her future (college), had marshmallows. What did you end up doing?

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