This or That #31


The question this week is:

Do you watch the movie first


Read the book first

Another great question! It’s an interesting one because some of the movies that have come out recently (like Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Harry Potter) I read the book first as they came out first and was then excited to see how the movie was represented.

For me personally if it is a movie I really want to see and it’s not coming out for a while I will read the book first. If it’s coming out soon, I’ll wait to see the movie first. One thing I have learnt over the years though is that the book and the movie are not always going to be 100% the same. This doesn’t usually matter to me so much. The only time I’ve been upset by a ending was in “The Hobbit” I didn’t even mind Tauriel, right up until they made the death of Kili all about Tauriel and NOT about the relationship between Fili and Kili.

8 thoughts on “This or That #31

      1. Agreed- I hated how they milked that. But but my irritation mostly stemmed from the fact it lost all the spirit of the book (and that there was no way it should’ve been three films)- especially cos, like you said, they did so well with the LOTR movies.

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