You might have seen a particular article making the rounds this week about a particular woman who likes to be naked and she is quite well-known for it, mainly because a lot of photos, she’s nude. I usually don’t make comments on this family because I have no real big interest in them. However, I saw a friend post this today and I felt this is exactly how I feel about the situation.

This is probably a bit too heavy for a Friday morning. If you’re like me though you are probably more frustrated about the body hating and everyone telling Kim K that she’s “not allowed” to be nude. If you want to be nude, be nude…Personally I hope I look as good as she does after I’ve had kids! Do nudist get this much hate?


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  1. Great topic!

    I think clothing is nice for decoration and for the more practical purposes of not freezing off all our bits in the winter, or getting some aggressive form of skin cancer in the summer. Otherwise, I have little use for it. I don’t go the other way, though, and take an ‘in-your-face’ approach … but I don’t really have a problem with someone who does.

    I think whether or not nudists get as much hate depends on location and the nudist’s approach to being nude when it comes to the public. Kim K is a celebrity, is in the limelight so to speak, and will thus tend to draw more open fire for her actions than someone who likes to quietly slip away to a nudist club or beach. I have respect for her, in all honesty, in that she seems to ignore (or perhaps even profit in some ways) from the negative media attention while drawing attention to the fact that there is this thing called a human body, that has all sorts of shapes and varieties and functions; and that rather than try to hide it off and treat it with shame and indignity and pretend like it doesn’t really exist, we can explore it, we can even (gasp!) enjoy it and celebrate it. Otherwise, I don’t know much about her.

    One thing I do think is interesting, though, is that most of the nudist debates I’ve seen recently seem to center around women – even the comic you uploaded with this post limits itself to the female gender. Nude bodies are not gender-limted … nor is the empowerment from being nude or clothed limited to a specific gender. I often get the impression that a nude woman is either empowered or enslaved, as far as the general public goes. A nude man, on the contrary, seems more often than not to be judged as simply horny and is less likely to be taken seriously outside a nudist community, unless it’s to take him as a threat of some sort.

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    1. Thank you so much for your response, it was a great read! I also find it very interesting the different between women and men nudity. Someone had made a comment that there was no fuss made when Justin Bieber posed nude with his guitar. I personally didn’t see the picture, but it is definitely something to ponder about!

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      1. Easiest way to sum up the difference is with a joke I once heard: When Miley Cyrus takes her clothes off and licks a hammer, it’s called ‘art’ and ‘entertainment;’ while when I do it, I get the police called on me and am escorted out of the hardware store. The world can be so unfair sometimes šŸ˜‰


  2. My only concern was that maybe it wasn’t a good example to set for her daughter but then its like we can’t tell little girls to love their bodies and then tell them to keep it covered ya know? I personally don’t like people posting nude photos in general but 1. its Kim K, it’s not like this is new and 2. She’s gonna do it anyway so let it happen


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