So I have been going through a lot of personal stuff at the moment, the big thing is I don’t know if I am going to have a job in the next couple of weeks. Which as you can imagine is just incredibly stressful. It’s been making me really take a hard look at a few things. I’m not actually even supposed to know about this situation. See, I work as a casual so our contract is usually renewed every three-four months depending on the time of year and it’s been like this for the last couple of years. This time they have apparently decided not to renew any contracts. My manager has apparently been so shocked by this and she is trying to fight for us, so I have no idea what’s going on.

The thing that’s irritated me the most about this situation is no one has actually told us and considering the contract we’re on finishes in the next couple of week, not months, I am looking strongly for another job. One that is a lot more stable.

As you can imagine that has taken an impact on my whole life. It’s really made me think though I would love to do some kind of “at home” business, except then the questions happen “What do I actually decide to do”. I have so many people around me who are just SO creative and they are doing amazing things with their creations. I’m all over here and like … I don’t know what I do well … I love to dress up and I would love to Cosplay stuff … It’s kind of intimidating for me though, my brother is this amazing seamstress and makes incredible clothes.

Sorry all … I think that this is definitely more of a “rambling” type blog today. Do any of you, my amazing readers, have your own business that you run from home? What inspired you to start? What is your inspiration? I would really love to read what you have to offer.

One thought on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Unfortunately, I have never attempted to run a business from home. An idea, in case you choose to stay on the creative side of things, is making jewelry and not just selling it on the Internet, but also going out to festivals … you would be spending your time at home doing something creative, but getting out on weekends and such and meeting some really interesting people. There was a brief point in my own history where I made dream catchers from traditional materials and sold them at festivals … I never got into doing this with the goal of making money, but simply as an excuse to camp with the other vendors. Something less creative, but perhaps more stable, would be data entry. Another option might be picking up photography … not necessarily run strictly from your home, but it would be your own business, would be based on creativity, and would be an easier switch from cataloging books to cataloging moments and occasions.

    Either way, I wish you luck in finding something. It’s a sad thing that under capitalist systems, corporations and other organizations have become little more than the new nobility. For a while, it seemed that the new nobility was interested in looking after its people; but nowadays it seems companies are no more interested in looking after their people than despotic lords of old. I think you are right to look into the option of becoming your own boss; and wish you all the best in your endeavor to do so 🙂

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