Baby, you should date yourself

This one is for you singletons that really struggle with the upcoming day on Sunday … The day whose name we shall not mention!

Now the reason that I’m writing about this today is because if you are dreading then this is written for you, just in time! Take yourself on a date!

Instead of moping around the house and eating and drinking yourself sillyily, take the day to date yourself instead. Even maybe take a date day with your friends. Get a group together.

There is not a “single” reason you cannot go out and have a great day yourself and do the things and eat the things and watch the things that you want to do. When I was single I would go out for dinner with either my Mum or my friends and we would have a really awesome time. The day that shall not be named, is only one day and to some people (like myself) it’s not even that big of a deal. I know that some people make this HUGE deal of it, don’t be like them.

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