#NoShameDay … Love!

I think that this could be a thing! You see all these “Days” like recently Facebook had it’s “Friends Day”. I didn’t even end up sharing my cause the first few pictures were all of people I either don’t talk to any-more or don’t even like.

I think though us women need the day more than anything, we are horrible to one another! As soon as one of us shows a little confidence we try to tear her down and it is usually because of our own insecurities.

I proclaim #NoShameDay shall be about everyone posting one thing they really love about themselves and there shall be no putting that person down. No “well they’re just trying to put my life down” no name calling, no c,w and s words, no derogatory comments. Instead, if you don’t like it or it makes you feel insecure you shall scroll past it and post something that you love about yourself.

What do you all think? I think it might be a little naive of me, but I also think it’s better than what it currently going on.

Also this week you will see a lot of my posts are “loved theme” this week and can be about book love, couple love, friend love, family love, loving yourself) What more powerful feeling is there than love!

So what a better way to start off the “love week” than a post about loving yourself and others!

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