My River Song Journal

2015-12-25 18.57.17

I was completely inspired to write this post after reading this post:

So I strongly believe that every girl needs diary or a journal and what better way for the new year than a River Song Journal after all “You have to have something scandalous to read on long journeys”. I consider myself incredibly lucky that this year for Christmas I was able to score myself a River Song Journal and I am so excited for next year! I can just feel that it’s going to be full of creativity … I wonder what scandalous things will be happening for me next year! What are you excited for next year? What will be your scandalous story be for the year?


4 thoughts on “My River Song Journal

  1. There are lots of things I am excited about seeing happen this year … for starters, each and every day that the year will contain 🙂 As for scandalous, that would require a slightly different mindset from the one I possess … I see things as being various degrees and colors of interesting; but rarely would I personally consider something to be truly scandalous 😉

    I wish you a good, new year, especially with regards to your journaling and your career – I’ve enjoyed reading what I’ve been able to from you so far, and can only guess at the interesting things you’ll be writing about in the coming year 🙂

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