Little Do You Know…

What can I say? One year ago today I went to meet someone who I was completely nervous to meet…and then a year later (well last night) I hear this song and I burst into tears … I met this amazing person a year ago when I was going through all this “bad stuff” and then here comes along this guy whose just so patient, genuinely caring, straight up “this is me” … Not knowing that he was dealing with someone who takes on everything, very close to her heart and it had finally broken into a million pieces and she very unsure that it was going to repair (and was extremely stubborn wanting to fix herself and not let anyone else to help her) The line that I can’t get out of my head is “”I’m trying to make it better piece by piece”…Thank you for showing what real love can do for a person. How it can make you brave and makes you flourish, it doesn’t make you hide from the world, how it shines all of your good qualities through, to make them even better, stronger and clearer. This is what love is supposed to be ❤


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