Work parties

I had my Christmas/End of year work party last night and it was fantastic! Then I woke up,lol

So I thought that I would just write down a few of my “Do’s and Don’t” at a Christmas Work party…This also depends on though how laid-back and how friendly you are with your fellow co-workers.

  1. Do not get so drunk off your face that you throw up in front of your co-workers. There is definitely a difference between having too much fun and having “too” much fun.
  2. Think of this evening as if you are going to a party with your family.
  3. Boats and Drinking don’t ever mix (this one was after seeing a teenager died at his Christmas work party on a boat).
  4. It’s important to know who your “audience” is at a Christmas work party.

What are your rules? Do you have any for your Christmas Work party?


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