Single in a Small city

Today on my Foxtel they have been having a “Sex in the City” Season 3 marathon! It was always funny with the television series as I didn’t start watching it until AFTER the complete show had finished and they started reruns. I do that with a lot of shows, I haven’t see any until the show has completely finished.

Seasons three for me was always really upsetting, I always found the idea of Carrie and Big having an affair kind of silly, but I guess they have to make a television show last for a whole season. I just never felt like Carrie was the type to have an affair. I also hadn’t realised until I watched this marathon how many time Carrie said “I’m getting out” “I’m finishing it” and then in the next scene had slept with Big again.

I may not be single anymore, but I promise that I am going to try and keep this Category current and up-to-date!


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