“Mean Girls”

There has been a social situation recently that has come up and I don’t care, I’ve been purposely taking them out of my life slowly. It is definitely working! There is a birthday this weekend and I wasn’t invited, but a lot of my friends have been wanting me to be there (I bring the fun apparently) and it’s made for a awkward social situation…Except for who is secretly celebrating,lol

One of my best friends from an entirely different group sent me this morning and it made me crack up and I think that it explains the situations well….Honestly I have thought this myself…(and most of them are a bunch of thirty year old men trying to please a girl in her early twenties…Such a cliche!).

Wednesday Mean Girl

I think something to overcome a situation you need to think of something funny, even if it’s only funny to you =D

2 thoughts on ““Mean Girls”

  1. I love Wednesday. She made the Addams Family movies really fun for me. Yeah, I’m into that type of dark humor.

    And yeah, if something doesn’t go well for me, joking about it is the way I make myself feel better. Like if someone didn’t invite me to a party, I’d probably say, “Glad to see that person’s still sane enough to not invite me to a party.”

    I think that’s funny, anyway. Say it like the Joker would say it; you know, with a trademark laugh at the end and everything.

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