So glad to be with you <3

These weekend what a bit of a crazy one (hence when I didn’t post too much this weekend) It was lovely on one hand because I went to the local Fair with my beau and we had such a nice time. It was definitely one of the nicest times that I have ever had with a partner. See all of my other relationships either we broke up just before the Fairs happened, or they just couldn’t be bothered.

This is what brings me to my point though. I wrote a post a little while ago “Light-bulb Moments” In it I describe about one friend of mine who is obsessed with her ex, even though he is completely horrible. They have broken up about 4 times now…They’re back together, been together for about a week and a half now. She wants them to move in together, she is going to sell her current house, he doesn’t have to pay half and he doesn’t have to pay rent.

One of my friend tried to argue with her how she should think about it, unfortunately, we have a friend who just tells this girl literally what ever this girlfriend of mine wants to hear. She’s “in love”.

You have to be careful when looking at getting into a relationship with anyone, new or old. Use other people’s relationships to determine with yourself what kind you want. Do you want to be healthy and happy? Or do you want to be happy for a couple of months, but in the same cycle? The reason I write this as well is because my friend told me that the reason she didn’t tell us anything good about this guy she’s been seeing on and off, was because of me…(even though she tried to retract and say she wasn’t blaming me). I was single at this time and she thought telling me anything good would make me “jealous” … Because hearing your best friends boyfriend is calling her fat and stupid all the time is exactly what I want to hear, because I love revelling in others misery. Just to point out here I have NEVER been like that. She’s like that, I am not.

What my friends don’t know is, is she IS the reason I didn’t want to be a relationship. I wasn’t envious at all, I embraced my singlehood because of her. So beware people!

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