As the heading says TGIF! I have been oooing and arring all week whether or not I really want to be the Australian that throws the Halloween party…I’ve decided…I do! I do indeed! I haven’t “sent out the invitation” (ie send invites on Facebook yet).

Whenever I’ve been over to America though, I have pretty much made sure that I head over at the two most important times of the Halloween and Thanksgiving…mmm…chocolate pie! So I’ve been looking up ideas before I’ve told anyone about it. So here a couple of ideas that I’ve found (and that might be helpful for you too!):

15 Tricks To Throwing A Killer Party On The Cheap

I found the above link through a Facebook page called “The Tipsy Bartender” They have amazing ideas for drinks and so forth. The title does speak for itself though, they have some really good ideas to throw a party on the cheap. Which are good ideas if you are just looking to do a “party”, you know, just have some friends around and get some drinking and games on.

What are some of your party ideas? Do you panic (like me) or are you a nice and chilled party host?

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