The Birds

The Birds

For the first time watching “The Birds”…This movie makes no sense!lol…They stay outside all the time “Oh we heard an explosions, miles away, we should go outside…Were the birds are” But then they don’t want to leave because the birds are massing outside…Even though they’ve pretty much spent the entire time outside up until that point.

They deserved to die…I’m just saying,lol…”Oh I need to take her to the hospital”…No, you REALLY don’t,lol.

What was with the ending?! They drove off to the hospital (even though she really didn’t need to go) and it just ended! Apart from maybe one scene (where for some reason she decided to go into a room that she knew was full of birds, putting every bodies life at risk) where she was nearly eaten alive by the Birds, this just felt like the plot was really weak. I have no idea why this is such a classic film.

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