Grimms for the ages!

To break this down the Grimms fairy tales were written many, many years ago by the Grimms brothers…brothers who wrote fairy-tales…Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm.

Now these fairy tales are not your average Disney fairy tales. They were not written for the faint of hearted. They were quiet gruesome and were more like your worst nightmare coming true rather than your favourite fantasy. The stories they wrote were ones like “Cinderella“, “Sleeping Beauty (Little Briar Rose)”“, ““Rumpelstiltskin”“…Just to name a few. Read about them if you dare!

So I am aware of these stories and volunteering at my local Library I had noticed in the young adults/teenage section that they have a “Graphic novel” section. This means pretty much it’s a section for “comic books”. In this bunch of was a whole group of “Grimm fairytales” but in manga/comic book form. I’ve checked out a few and they are fantastic! I would highly recommend it for young people or for those who really cannot get into reading.

They have the whole fairy tale in picture form. They do tell the whole story, true to form and some even still keep it in “old English”.

Little Mermaid - G Alice G Dream eater



6 thoughts on “Grimms for the ages!

  1. I love the original fairy tales (both the ones collected by the Grimm Brothers and those written by Hans Christian Andersen) so much better than the whitewashed versions we see from Disney today. I read the originals as a kid (my mother had the original versions) and I read them to my kids along with the Disney ones. Little Mermaid is not a Grimm fairy tale though. It was written by Hans Christian Andersen, who was known to write some dark stories of his own.

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      1. I guess I always liked the darker stories best. Although the Little Match Girl tore me up. Hans Christian Andersen was sort of twisted. At least with the Grimm Brothers, the stories they collected were more on the horror side. Andersen wrote some downright twisted and sad stories. I wish I could work in a library like you. Although I probably wouldn’t get much work done!

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