Childhood Flashbacks

So last weekend I saw “Jurassic World” and I absolutely loved it! In fact I (and my partner also) agreed that it may be on of the best movies that we’ve seen all year, and this is including the Avengers movie this year. Not for one moment did I have a “lull” moment where I silently took note of the other people in the cinema. I cried, I laughed, I “YAHOOED” and I jumped in my seat…Several times.

Since I’ve seen it I have been genuinely curious by the people who don’t love it. Now I am all for “You love what you love” it’s not my place to judge others, but most of these people refuse to even see the movie. I get the whole annoyance with too much CGI, but you barely notice it too be honest.

Anyways, WAY off of topic!

There are all these movies coming out this year and I swear that it’s like I am shrinking and feel like I am becoming younger again:

  • Jurassic World
  • Mad Max
  • Terminator
  • Cinderella
  • Star Wars
  • List goes on…

The only difference is that a lot of the them are reboots or are being filmed from a different type of perspective. For example Cinderella, instead of being another cartoon it is now a “real life” film (which I loved).

Has anyone else noticed this trend this year?

I just had to put this here, for anyone complaining that there’s no “plot” in the Jurassic movies…This is the plot of a dinosaur movie!lol

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3 thoughts on “Childhood Flashbacks

  1. I do wonder about people who refuse to see a movie because of, “too much CGI.” I’ve heard this as well and it befuddles me. If you’re not interested in seeing something, just say you’re not interested. But when you give an excuse like, “too much CGI,” that strokes my curiosity and makes me have to ask, “Okay, so how much CGI would you prefer?” And then I ask what summer blockbuster movies they did like and ask if they knew exactly how much CGI was in those films compared to exactly how much CGI is in the film they refuse to see because of, “too much CGI.”

    Now, I get why someone would refuse to see a movie because of, “bad CGI,” but I wouldn’t accuse Jurassic World of having bad CGI.

    Anyway, I’m glad you had so much fun watching Jurassic World. Someone just asked me this morning if she should see the movie and I told her she should. I think she’ll enjoy it as it is an overall enjoyable film. I know I wrote something about my complaints about the movie (and I hope it was somewhat humorous), but every movie has problems. No movie is perfect. So why not just sit back, not worry about that stuff (for the moment), and allow yourself to be entertained? After all, no one ever died of a CGI overdose. 😉

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    1. One of the things though is if you haven’t seen something, how much CGI do you know a movie truly has any way?
      I did see your post and I thought it was good,lol…I’ve just been having a few troubles with technologies lately, so sometimes it’s hard to reply to people,lol

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