Caitlyn Jenner

I WILL write another Blog about this issue. I wasn’t going to, but I feel I need to as so many people are saying “Who Cares?” These comments are pretty much being by people who are in a certain type of group. Who have never had to feared being persecuted and judged, and have had to live in fear of family member being bashed violently and are still being killed…Yes…KILLED for being gay or for being transgender. There are teenagers killing themselves over these issues…

So you had BETTER CARE!

I will unfollow ANYONE who thinks this issue is “nothing”.

This is not about a family who are known in the media for other reasons. This is an issue that people are still scared to come out about. People lose families, job, friends and sometimes their lives over these issues. You are naive if you think otherwise.

This is an issue close to my heart, only a few years ago my house was a “safe house” for friends of mine whose families were never going to accept that they were gay. The fact that even after 2010 we still have to have “safe houses” to begin with…So no it is not something to “get over”. Do not judge Caitlyn Jenner by her family.

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