I love to Blog

After a weekend pretty much away from Facebook, I came back too all the drama and passive aggressiveness, and the hypocritical crud too…

Sigh Facebook, when will people learn! When will people learn! I’m getting tired of the bullshit…I literally had one “friend” who I am constantly having to put up with because she’s my best friends other best friend. She’s does the ODDEST things. I try to get over it all the time and just when I think that I am, she does something else.

I think that I’m just sticking with my Blogging and Safari Drive for a while.




9 thoughts on “I love to Blog

  1. A friend of mine gave me the wonderful idea of unfollowing certain people. it’s great because we’re still friends (or ‘friends’ depending on how you look at it) but my news feed is free of all their nonsense.

    I also don’t allow anyone to post on my wall and my wall is also invisible to certain people. And I no longer check my FB 25 times a day.

    And if needs be I will make it so that only certain people can message me.

    I am now a much happier person 🙂

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    1. I have done that unfollow thing too certain people as well and it has made me a lot happier too,lol.
      Some people though I’m not allowed to unfollow so to speak, because some people will actually ask me “Did you see what I posted” and I have to keep mainly family members followed because I’ve been in trouble once or twice for not looking at the thousands of pictures of my nephews and nieces,lol.


  2. I don’t do facebook and many other too. I just do wordpress is all. Not really liking what that Mark Zuckerberg said about fb users, he said fb users’s a dumb fuck.

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  3. Good thinking, getting away from all of the crap.

    I’m pretty much only on WordPress. I have a Twitter account and I’ve followed some people, but I don’t post much to it, except for Tweeting a blog I’ve read on WordPress. Whenever I go to Twitter and look at the messages other people posted, my interest meter quickly drops. It’s not like I try to not care; I just really don’t give a shit.

    By the way, that last sentence doesn’t reflect my opinion, it’s just a line my protagonist says in my manuscript. I just wanted to put it out there so someone could see it. 🙂

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    1. hehe, well I’ve seen it! It’s out there now =D I only signed onto Facebook once yesterday to wish someone a happy birthday and to reply to some private messages, then I signed off…I feel great! =D

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