“I read comic books”…Why women hate “nerds”

“I read comic books”

As a general rule now I skim by a lot of the articles and twitter feeds that are on Facebook these days, because people are just dumb…and they get so comfortable and feel so righteous about everything, it is like people genuinely believe “Well that’s my opinion, so I’m right” and if anyone dares disagree or makes a good point, they should just “shut their traps”. No one wants to discuss things any-more, everyone just wants to be ‘right’.

That quote is what started my rant today. I was looking through some of the posts on Facebook about families who cosplay together and this made me smile, until I got to a picture of a mother and her two daughters dressed pretty much like Michelle Pfieffer “Catwoman”. One guy decided to write that he thought it was wrong to dress the little girls like “tramps”. A whole bunch of women (which lets be honest, is rare) started to defend the mother and her choice and saw nothing wrong with the outfits. I wasn’t going to say anything  until I saw this guy write about how these ladies should “shut their traps” and how he “read comics” so we couldn’t argue with him?

This guy is the exact example of why I, and a lot of my female friends, will NOT date nerds and geeks! As a general rule they are the worst, every nerd and geek that I have dated has treated me horribly. A great example of this is when I got out of an abusive relationships within a particularly nerdy group where I got bullied and hit by my ex-partners room-mate. As sometimes happens I had a one night stand with a guy (after we broke up)…Fast forward a week later I wake up to be publicly humiliated on Facebook by a group of guys “slut-shaming” me because how dare I have a one night stand and not date their “good guy” friend instead. God knows I want to get back into a group who think publicly humiliating a girl over something that isn’t any of their business and thinks that this is a really good idea to get their own way.

Funnily enough I don’t have anything to do with those guys any-more. Yet they still insist that they are a bunch of “good guys”. GOOD GUYS do NOT publicly humiliate people over things that are NONE of their business. A good guy would have gone and asked me why I had the one night, since I had never one before and it was completely out of character for me. I’ve seen a bunch of them who are over 30 humiliate a bunch of teenagers on Facebook because the teenagers didn’t agree with them.

Now I know that not all “nerds and geeks” are like this, but it seems to me the one that’s are completely into whatever their genre is in the gaming world, they seem to be the worse. If they have other interests or other friendship groups outside of the gaming world, they seem to be a lot better. A great example of this is the guy who all the other guys wanted me to date, by humiliating me. The actual guy started a hairdressing course and is friends with really lovely girls, he has since apologised and we are great friends. However, the guys who actually humiliated me are all still doing the same things and still acting and reacting in the same way. Literally nothing has changed.


5 thoughts on ““I read comic books”…Why women hate “nerds”

  1. I think it says a lot about a person when “I read comic books” is listed as a qualification for discussing the topic at hand (you know, unless the topic is comic books). Was there anything he wrote about being a parent or raising daughters of his own? To me, those attributes would be better suited for a discussion concerning raising young girls. But even if he does have daughters, I hope he has more respect for them than to place a label such as “tramp” on them simply because of their choice of clothing. I mean, when Eve covered herself with nothing but a fig leaf, Adam didn’t immediately point to her yelling, “Tramp!” because she wasn’t wearing a lot.

    And I’m sorry people were treating you like that. Nobody deserves that kind of crap.

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    1. Oh thank you so much, I was completely waiting to get hated on,lol.
      I just get so frustrated with them, because they seem to genuinely not get why girls wont be with them. When they did that only a few weeks later they asked why don’t I introduce them to some single girlfriends of mine since they’re such “good guys”. They really don’t seem to get that they are their own worst enemy! Every single, single girlfriend of mine saw what they did, what if they rejected one of these guy…You know? No intelligent girl is going to date anyone from a group of guys whose first reactions to rejections is to public humiliate them on Facebook =/

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  2. “I read comic books,” is certainly not a worthwhile comment in any kind of a debate, even when the topic IS comic books because quite frankly, reading them is not enough — and who knows what the guy even means by that comment? And that activity alone gives him free reign to run rough shod over everyone else? Give me a break. I’ve only met one guy in the comic book/nerd/geek/cosplay world who is not an immature misogynistic creep. He swears there are others like him, but I have yet to meet them. He’s on the other side of the country, so maybe I need to move there in order to actually see these mythical beings. I think that it’s a broad-reaching problem from all that I’ve been reading lately though.

    I’m sorry you had that experience with your ex and his friends. Some men, comic book nerds or no, never mature past a high school mentality it seems.


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