The wicked webs we weave…

I’m posting a little than usual today, off for the weekend with the boyfriend…Still can’t believe I make a whole section about “being single in a new city” and then I just go ahead and meet someone,lol.

As I mention though I am going away for the weekend with my new partner. Who I absolutely do adore and each time that we meet I feel like another wall, or layer, comes down. I really enjoy just being with him, it feels different from anything I’ve felt before, but it feels great. It actually feels like a grown up relationship, which kind of makes me feel funny too.

I keep feeling trapped though, sometimes I think that maybe I jumped too soon into another relationships. I know that I am still completely furious with my ex and what he has done and what he did. I know that it affects different aspects of my life, but at the same time I have this overwhelming feeling of not wanting to feel like this either, an overwhelming of my life is better off without him. It is a constant battle and sometimes I honestly feel so alone in it as well.

One thought on “The wicked webs we weave…

  1. So you’re pissed at your old partner and you’re thinking that this is why you’re so eager to jump in with a new guy?

    Just enjoy your new relationship for what it is. Like it or not, your experiences make you who you are. So past experience you’ve had with people colors the decisions you make in the present. Maybe you’ve made mistakes in the past, but you learned from them. And you should expect to keep making mistakes. You know, unless you somehow ascended beyond being human. All kidding aside, relax. If jumping into this new relationship is another mistake, you’ll get that soon enough. And you’ll learn from it. For now, though, don’t wreck what could be a good relationship for you by over-thinking it.

    When you meet someone isn’t as important as who he is. If you step back and look at him and think to yourself, “This is a really great guy and he’s really good for me,” then go with it. Maybe that’s exactly what you need right now: someone who is good for you. Perhaps some positive experiences with him can help you to let go of some of that bitterness you hold onto from your previous relationship.

    Good luck. 🙂

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