Love in ten sentences…

I was nominated by the lovely Passion through Poetry to participate in the “Love in Ten Sentences” The basis concept is is to write a ten line poem each containing four words and the letter “love”. Mine doesn’t rhyme (I actually wrote this a few days ago, but I was unsure whether to to post it or not) and in case you couldn’t guess it was a bad day for me =P

Love that’s been abused,

True torment, love heals

Pain lives, Love dies,

Love those around instead

Love carries swirling emotions

Heart carries love burden,

Love damages the heart,

Love cures the heart,

I love my heart,

I love it most.

 The other thing I need to do is nominate 10 people. I am not one of those people or Bloggers that will force another person to do this, so please feel free to do or not to do,lol. In no particular order I nominate:


7 thoughts on “Love in ten sentences…

  1. I love love love your poem!!! 🙂 You did a beautiful job. Remember, poetry doesn’t have to rhyme; it only has to come from the rhythm of your soul. As long as you’re writing from the heart, it’s poetry.

    Also, thank you for the nomination. I actually wrote a quick 10-line love poem for another blogger who was nominated. She didn’t nominate me, but did encourage readers to post their own poems in the comments section. So I took a whole 5 or 10 minutes to spill something out into a Word document and posted it there. Here’s the link if you want to read it:

    Anyway, I will be glad to put some time and effort into coming up with a poem according to the rules stated here. Thank you again for the official nomination. I’ll get to work now. 🙂

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      1. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve got a couple of ideas running for the 10-line love poem that I’ll be posting to my blog on Monday. I have one idea finished but I want to sit on it for a couple of days and see how it feels.

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