What do you do?! Blog Block!

I am looking at the little cursor flashing away at my screen and I just keep blinking at the screen…This is definitely a blog challenge! What to write when you can’t think of anything to write and am having a hard time to be inspired! I’m about to go away for a couple of days to and I want give my readers something to read!

What do you, my readers and followers do, when you have a complete block?

Are there sites that you would recommend where people can participate in Blog challenges (mainly to inspire me of course!lol)



6 thoughts on “What do you do?! Blog Block!

  1. When something to write isn’t coming to me, I simply don’t write. I let it go and trust that something will come to me at whatever time it wants to come to me. And that’s what happens. I’ll be watching a movie or preparing a meal and something will just jump at me. Sometimes it happens when I wake up suddenly at 2am. lol

    I agree with Nicole Roder’s comment. It’s okay to take time off and let your mind reset. Or, if you really need to post something, you could have a blog post that reads:

    “Didn’t know what to write today, sooooooo…………………………. yeah.”

    Have fun on your trip. 🙂

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      1. lol

        My phone gets quite a workout sometimes. When I feel words coming to me, I either type them in my phone’s notepad or I record them. Of course, if I’m doing something that won’t allow me to get to my phone immediately, I’ll have to repeat what I’m thinking over and over again until I can get it down.

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