Nothing there…

“You can’t love empty, because there’s nothing there to love. Nothing there for your love to stick to. Nothing there to love you back. Arms holding you and lips kissing you mean nothing if the heart isn’t attached.” Mandy Hale – The Single Woman Blog

Mandy Hale – Day 19 Life not movie

I read other blogs that are not WordPress (shock and horror I know) one that I used to read all the time was Mandy Hale’s “The Single Woman”. I had recently stopped reading after the author become a little “upset” (if you will) when people thought she was silly for getting her hopes up for the ex that she is speaking about in this blog and she’s never been in love with this man, “poked” her on Facebook.

I am still subscribed via email and I received an updated Blog and I could relate to this post just SO much! Just that statement describes so much of what has happened in my past relationships and how I need it to stop! I think that every single one of us has had this relationship at some point (if not more than once).

Check more of Mandy out! Especially for those who are single, this blog is brilliant!




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