New Job Nerves

So tomorrow I will be starting my new job. It’s only contract work (I think) I am hoping that by the end I will have been given a job at the Library I currently volunteer at. I kind of don’t know how to feel about this new job, it’s got a switchboard and after working at a call centre I HATE phones. There is also a lot of face-to-face with customers though. I am going to be an enrolment officer and helping students with enrolling. In theory it sounds easy, but they are not coming to us because they know what they’re doing.

The other reason I’m writing this though is because it’s a casual position and I am pretty sure that it’s only going to be two days a week, it’s a lot of money per hour though. However this also means that I may not be able to respond to comments and everything for a while. In fact it probably wont be until late LATE in the evening, because of the time differences between Australia and lot of my readers. So I promise that I am not ignoring anyone and I have a couple of posts that are scheduled to appear while I’m away to keep you interested in and reading =D

Wish me luck!

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