Wild Earth Safari

Since the beginning of October I have been watching a web cab feed called “Wild Earth Safari” and in Australia they run from 2:30pm-5:30pm and 12:30am to 3:30am. The web cam feed runs until January the 31st (although I, and many others, have asked, if there is any possibility of them running longer than that).

These feeds are taken from the game reserves of Djuma Game Reserve and Arathusa Safari Lodge in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin. You can all sorts of animal Lions, Leopards, Hippos, Ellies and Impala…Oh My!

They have experienced rangers and guides that drive around and along the way for the couple of hours they are with you. They will inform, and educate on a wide range of the flora and fauna of the animals and plants within their game reserves. They are incredibly good teachers and even when you see the true side of nature and the wild. They remind of you of “This is nature”.

I suggest you go and have a look at Wild Earth Safari and I’ll see you on the drive!


2 thoughts on “Wild Earth Safari

  1. I love this, thank you for sharing! You might also be interested in another set of safari cams that I watch. They video cams are simply set up on protected wild game preserves and you see whatever animals happen to come by and whatever activity amongst them happens. Morning (their time) and evening (their time) are the busiest of times with all manner of animals appearing around the waterholes. In the dead of night things happen too though, that’s when the solitary predators come around but you have to be patient with that as sometimes there is a lot of waiting with just sounds to listen to. I have found it to be quite interesting and enjoyable. http://www.africam.com/wildlife/

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