Online Dating Update

Thought that I would give a little update to my online dating experiences (and hopefully give you something fun to read on this Sunday night).

Guy Number one:

I shall call him number one because it seems to be going really well with him. The first date we couldn’t stop talking to each other and I knew that I liked him when we got home late and I needed to get up early the next day and so I kind of ran out of the car, but then, in true girl like fashion, I realised he hadn’t kissed me…and I wanted him to and woke up the next morning with regrets =/

Guy Number two:

This one is going nowhere. Guys there are only a certain type of girl that will like the needy “tell me everything and who you are talking to” guy…I am not one of those. I had to finally reject him and let him know that I was not interested. There was nothing “bad” about him, he is just not the type for me.


My biggest advice is to meet anyone you meet online in public, do NOT meet in them in private. Do not let them pick you up or drop you off on the first date (possibly the second too if you’re unsure). Do pay attention to what they are saying, guy number two (for example) starting asking me pretty nearly straight away who else I was talking to. Although I am not very experienced in online dating, I felt uncomfortable about him asking me. DO listen to your gut instincts. Once I had turned him down I have now spent the past three days (I am not kidding) trying to explain to him I am just not interested. It really feels like I’ve broken up with him, rather than just letting him down.


11 thoughts on “Online Dating Update

  1. Enjoyed reading your post. You won’t believe how many people I know who have done online dating have been stupid enough to have guys they’ve never met before pick them at their house or worse come in for dinner! Maybe I’m not a very trusting person but I thought it was basic common sense.

    Good luck – looking forward to more updates! Oh and hope you had a good Christmas xx

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    1. I’ve heard of people who let them come over for dinner the first time too! What are they thinking? I think it is just common sense…or lack or in those cases,lol.
      I got very spoilt this year, I hope you had a good Christmas too =D


  2. Omg, yes! Dating rule number one: never drive some where with your date, not only for safety reasons, but mainly so you can avoid the inevitable car hug/kiss. It’s so awkward!! Glad at least one is going well! Btw, loving the snow flakes!

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    1. I am really shocked by how many people do that! What are they thinking?
      I love the snowflakes too!hehe…I think you press a button somewhere to get them on WordPress?I’m Australian so it’s as close as I can get,lol


      1. Haha right? I make a point to bring it up to people who tell me they are going on a date, just in case they make that mistake haha. Hmmm I’m gonna have search for that! You don’t get any snow in Australia?!

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      2. Huh, I had no idea. Do you wish you had snow or is it one of those deals where ‘you can’t miss what you don’t have’?


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