Random Thoughts…

I am at a school and I am in a prime spot in the Library to watch all the cars and people outside go by and since here it’s the beginning of Spring, you can probably guess that I am not actually doing any of the school work that I came in too do. Instead here I am, thinking about you…

I can’t help it I let my mind drift off and think about you and what you might be doing right now. It’s such a gorgeous day and I’m sitting here wondering if you’ve finished work yet, are you even at work, or are you wrapped up lying on some grass having a picnic somewhere with some another girl. I can’t forgive for how you’ve treated me after everything, but I can’t stop thinking about you either. About everything that could and probably would have been…and how we would have never have wasted a day like today.

I don’t want you back and yet I miss so incredibly much that it still saddens my every waking moment and although the nightmares have seemed to have stopped. I still have that 5 minutes before I fall asleep where I still think of you and everything that we could have been. I miss you with every beat of my heart and yet there’s just no way that I could tell you or let you back into my life.

I look really pretty today, I can tell by the way the guys are staring at me, but I hate it when they do it…Don’t they know I’m yours? Oh wait…No, I’m not. Well the sun seems to be going down and it’s getting darker, so I guess that I should thinking about you and my thoughts become as dark as the evening that is coming.

I miss you ❤


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts…

  1. This is beautiful, and sad, and I hear ya sooooo much. Like for me, every time I even flirted with someone it felt like I was cheating on him…I hope things get better for you!

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    1. They are getting better =D Unfortunately, they’ve kept getting better because he kept getting worse, to the point where I was not willingly to accept it any-more =( It shouldn’t have had had to end like that though!

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      1. Guys really are idiots, but it’s just like you said, you’re better because he got worse. That’s the only way the pain stopped for me was when he did something so awful that I just snapped out of it and was like woah…I don’t love you I hate you. Wow. You’re an awful person. And then just like that the pain was gone. It all happens for a reason I guess.

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