Just friends…

How those words rip through me like a bullet travelling through the very middle of my heart and exploding through my ribs, with a powerful so forceful feeling that it breaks through my ribs like steel smashing through a thin pane of glass…

How can you just stay “friends” with someone you thought was “The One” for you? If I am so “important” to you how can you find it so easy to lose me so willingly? How could you risk that, because I can’t see any other way out of this?


6 thoughts on “Just friends…

  1. Right?! How could someone so carelessly toss out words that mean so much?! Love, ‘I’ve never felt this way about anyone’, ‘you’re like my best friend’, ‘you have my heart’. How could anyone say something so tender and then act as though nothing happened, and it meant nothing for them? How can someone destroy you so fully and walk away unscathed?


    1. I am really struggling with everything. I promised myself after he said that I was still very important to him and he never wants to lose contact with me, I said in my mind “Okay, he needs to prove this too me, because he’s not really following through with anything else he’s said to me so far and I am starting to feel like a high school girl with a crush on someone who doesn’t even recognise my existence,lol”…Haven’t heard him from in about a week and a half now.


      1. Ugh. I know exactly what you mean. Mine keeps telling me that I’m so important to him and I’ve been there for him when no one else has, but do you think he could be bothered to text back when I text him? Nope! I honestly just don’t understand it. Like how they can say these things and totally not mean it at all. You are better off without him!


      2. I don’t get how they do it and then say how they “care” and then in such a short amount of time, it was like you never existed…How the hell do they do that?lol


      3. I just thought I’d update you,lol…I did end up talking to my ex today and we are done, I pretty much just asked him why guys just in general can do this so quickly, so after 5 hours of him ignoring me. I’ve told him we’re done.


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