One of the most well known quotes is “When you stop looking for it, love will happen” and it is a very well know cliche quote for a reason! I start writing posts about being single in a small city and then I meet someone completely unexpectedly  and although its all fresh and new it seems to be going quite well.

Starting the dating game all over again has been extremely interesting, and really hard at the same time. Over the past 30 years I have built up some serious walls and I have already had to express some of these as the guy I am seeing has been getting ‘upset’ with me as he assumed that I just didn’t like him. Which also made me question how cold and hard have I become exactly?

How much do you tell someone that you have just started dating, about yourself? There just seems to be certain things that have to said upfront/straight away. Like my issue of explaining when I am so guarded about my heart and myself. How I am trying to protect myself for being extremely badly hurt again. Why to him it seemed like I was pushing him away, when I really liked him but had completely forgotten how to let someone know this?

5 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Girl preach. I know exactly what you mean! I’m so straightforward I always just want to lay it all out and make everything clear so there can be no miscommunications happening but then I worry I’m too forward. Everything is dating has so many rules! That is my frustration right now. I just want to say screw the rules and say what you want when you want, and if they are the one they will appreciate it, and if not then screw them lol. Say what you need to say and know you were true to yourself I say.


    1. I hate the rules and how we should probably obey them even when I really don’t want too,lol.
      I have been going pretty darn slowly with this one and it seems to be working,lol


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