Blogging is Magic!

I have been trying so hard to think of some sort of character to talk about for another edition of “Magic Monday” but who better than who talk about bringing Magic into my life than the wonderful world of Blogging! (Also I apologise for the lateness of my Blog).

I initially started this Blog as a school project and no it’s had turned into something that I actually love coming and doing every week (when I get the chance, or feel I have something to write about). I feel this has become a personal space that I can feel safe in and pretty much anyone who follows this Blog are the people who know about it. None of my family or friends know about this Blog. That isn’t because I’ve been writing nasty things about them (I never would). I don’t know…I just feel like this is my space…Just for me.

Through Blogging I have met some extremely wonderfully awesomely nice people. Who have given me amazing advice and I am shocked to know that people are reading and are reading what I am saying. Which is so not what my personal life is like at all! Sometimes I feel as though I am writing status after status on Facebook and no one actually gives a hoot. Sometimes I wonder if there is even a point to have a Facebook anymore.

Blog, Will Shakespeare



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