Never send in a boy to do a mans job…

This week has been pretty up and down for me. I was doing really well, had a amazing birthday party, had a amazing birthday. Then for some reason the rest of the week it’s been coming down and I have been at a complete lost as to what to do or who to talk too. I tried talking to some friends about it, but then one of them hijacked the conversation to talk about themselves…again. I do not open up very easily and when they did it, it shut me down again.

So as you can probably guess by the title…I have guy issues and I have no idea how I keep ending up in them! I have taken myself off of Facebook for a while to figure myself out and figure out how to take my next step. Now I am taking time to ask my male friends what I should look for in a guy who really likes me versus a guy that just wants one thing and doesn’t actually care. Every time I meet these guys, the first time it is so much fun and I don’t necessarily want to date them, but it is nice to have someone to have fun…and then it always just goes downhill from there and yet their friends always adore me! So I always end up stuck between needing to be civil to stay friends with the other friends and wanting to kick them in male special region!

It’ll be kind of like an emotional holiday.

Sometimes I wish these guys would just hug me and say there is nothing wrong with you. When I ask them why they are doing what they are doing, they either say absolutely nothing or “I don’t know how to respond”. I feel like it’s the most frustrating thing ever! I want answers as to what I may be doing wrong, but am getting nowhere. As a lot of my friends have pointed out to me though a “Man” would never want a girl who does nothing else but taking selfies and talks about being drunk, getting drunk or thinking somehow being sober is some major achievement. I don’t blame men…I just seem to have a terrible time picking out good ones. It is me.

I want to be in love again, I don’t want to live in fear any-more ❤ Thank you for listening!


6 thoughts on “Never send in a boy to do a mans job…

  1. Firstly, “It’ll be kind of like an emotional holiday.” I lol’ed so hard. lol. Secondly, I hear ya. I find myself doing the same thing, ‘what am I doing wrong?’ And in times like that I just think about what someone older once told me about dating. And it was that she had gone on dates with like 47 different guys and 48th was the one. And she said, look at it like dodging bullets. There are so many more wrong ones than there are right ones, so naturally you’re going to go through a lot, but eventually it will happen. So idk if that helps for you. But hang in there. Dating is stupid, but love is beautiful and you must date to love so it’s a necessary evil. lol


    1. I hate those stupid necessary evils!lol
      I am one of those horrible people though that tends to fall into relationships. I’m hanging out with someone and then I go “Oh, I like you”. Everyone keeps telling me to look at internet dating, even just to expand my friendship circle to meet someone. I don’t want too though,lol


      1. Eh, honestly internet dating in my experience has turned out to be more painful than regular dating was. haha. It’s so formal and dates are so awkward, vs just falling into a relationship. I mean the pro is that you meet more people, but ya know, most of them you’re going to reject or they will reject you so…lol


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