Listen to your Heart…You are all beautiful to me…

I’ve been discouraged lately…I keep seeing these posts saying things along the lines of “If you she’s really pretty and all the guys want her, she’s obviously a keeper” and people mentioning things of “He is so ugly, why would he think I’d date him”. The other thing that shocks me is the amount of people who will like or agree with these statements.

I have never understood thinking like this. When you really love someone, really care about them, looks has literally nothing to do with it. (I told them so as well) My boyfriends have all been completely different, look wise. In fact the “prettiest” of the bunch turned out to be the most cruel, cold hearted and unkind. Funnily enough I thought I saw him a couple of weeks ago but then I thought “Oh he’d never let himself go like that”. That particular ex use to have a go at me for my looks as well.

One thing in life I can guarantee is that looks have literally nothing to do with someone’s heart or their true beliefs. Don’t even think about it. If you are going around posting and saying things about how someone is pretty and all the guy wants her so she must be keeper. You don’t deserve her. I have stopped complaining about being hit on all the time and the main reasons I have stopped looking for someone. I started to realise that a large majority of the guys who would privately say that I’m the most beautiful girl they know and I’m the one for them. Didn’t actually know a single thing about me and when they realised that I was not just a pretty girl. I have a mind, ambitions, beliefs and I will stand by them, they didn’t like me so much any-more.

So now I make sure I take time to get to know someone and I take note if they are listening to what I am saying. 90% of the time…they don’t,lol.

DHT ft. Edmee – Listen To Your Heart
Robbins Entertainment

5 thoughts on “Listen to your Heart…You are all beautiful to me…

  1. Sad and disgusting how many people think this way. And I do online dating (because I’m too much of a homebody to go out and meet people haha) and people will be so shallow on there and I’m always insisting looks don’t matter and then the automatic response is ‘well you must be ugly’. Really? This is the world we live in now? I don’t understand how people can be so shallow/stupid. It’s disgusting. But hey, just makes it easier for the people like us to know who they definitely DON’T want haha.


    1. I have no problem with online dating, but I still find it funny how people will judge someone based on a profile pic and if you don’t have one they assume you must be ugly and move on,lol. I met one of my partners online and he was my longest relationship and still one of my best friends, but the amount of my friends who see his picture and get shocked that he isn’t at all what they expected also still cracks me up,lol. I wouldn’t want to be apart of a club that wouldn’t want me as a member =D hehe


      1. Right? I always thought that if you were that serious about meeting someone that you created a dating profile, then you must be in it to win it, and yet half of the people on there are so shallow. It’s shocking to me. Lol nice. I know lots of people who’ve met their partners online and have been married for years now. So there is hope lol.


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