Middle Week Slump

I have always been one of those people who has always hated Wednesdays. It’s not the beginning of the week when you feel (slightly) ready to get into a whole new week and it’s not close enough to start enjoying the end of the week. Although I am aware of in some industries like hospitality and retail, they don’t really get “weekends”.

Sometimes though I have been wondering I am the only person who actually dislikes Wednesdays? Even when a friend sends me a “Happy Hump Day” picture, doesn’t normally getting me going. Since I’ve stopped my blogging challenge I am struggling to find something to blog about that is not on a Friday or Monday as well.

Today I have just been having idea after idea in my mind and  for some reason I am lacking the motivation to get these ideas started. It is almost like I have so many ideas it’s overwhelming unmotivating. I am starting to wonder if it is a good idea for me to start a fantasy novel, I don’t know if there is a set age date and I have no formal training to do so. I was listening to Enya all day and when I wasn’t working I had “The Hobbit” on in the background and I started to imagine a love interest for Thorin in my mind. Then during the rest of the day I started to create a back story for her, I came up with an perfect name and came up with a whole new race in Middle Earth. I am seriously considering investing in a smaller laptop (Notebook) just to write and get these ideas down and see what I can create!

I guess I’m writing to find out…How do you get past that mid week slump (if you have one)?


4 thoughts on “Middle Week Slump

  1. You know how you beat the middle week slump? Sleep until it’s Friday lol. But seriously…Tuesdays are like that for me. Mondays I have energy and positivity. And then Tuesday is like a second Monday and I just can’t handle it. haha. As far as writing a novel goes…do it. I don’t think you need formal training. It’s all about a story. If you can create a story…you can write a novel. I keep a notebook with me at all times because I’ll think of an interesting character or a set of dialogue or a clever line, or a good metaphor, etc and then I can write it in that notebook and save it for later for when I can develop it more fully. That way you’ll never lose your ideas, whether they be good or not. 🙂


    1. That sounds like a really good idea!lol
      I have thought about carrying a little notebook so I can write any quotes or sayings or thoughts that I have while I’m out and about. I always seem to do that and then I get home and I forget what I was thinking,lol.


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