My new best friend…Blogging!

So today I went back on Facebook after being away from it for about a week and I can honestly I did not miss it at all!

I am not really sure when Facebook became the be all and end all in our lives, but I am more determined than other to stay clear of Facebook. It’s excellent for keeping in touch with people, but lets be honest…Most people use Facebook as some sort of popularity contest page. I am not someone who on Facebook would be deemed ‘unpopular’ but I think that it definitely causes a lot more problems than solves them. I think it brings out the worse in people, yet, at the same time it seems to brings out the honest side too and people are there ready to criticise you.

I have said a lot these days that we have all these communication tools and it is so easy to talk these days…yet…we seem to interact less than any other generation before! We’ll “like” something, but why are we liking the ‘like’?

The funny thing was I had this distaste for Facebook and I missed the Blogging community all day. It feels like the blogging community is just a more positive influence in my life these days. People seem to want to put all their lives on Facebook, but nothing…interesting…Yet blogging allows the readers a snippet into the writers life without giving too much away…Leaving us all wanting more!


4 thoughts on “My new best friend…Blogging!

  1. Yes, facebook really can be a poison. Especially if you’re at a point in your life where you’re not really sure of things going on around you. People tend to make their lives seem so spectacular on the internet and then you start to doubt yourself like ‘what am I doing that’s awesome? nothing.’ And the blogging community is soooo much more awesome. You’re surrounded (usually) by people that either want to learn/teach, or who also appreciate stories and writing and it’s nice to feel you’re not quite so alone in that regard once and a while.


    1. I have been really proud of myself lately with how easier it’s becoming to stay off of Facebook, it does take practice though. You should start when you’ve got something to do, otherwise you’ll be back on straight away. Also watching 3 hour movies helps.
      I really love the Blogging community, I’ve been seeing great poems and recipe ideas, that they just don’t have on Facebook. It’s funny because a friend posted a recipe on Facebook last night and I clicked the link and it was from a Blog,lol


      1. Lol, nice. Blogs are just infinitely better. Haha I can’t do that…movies don’t hold my attention enough for me to stay off my computer while watching. 😛


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