The Lion Kings!

So here we are with my second Magical Monday…Even if no one else enjoys these, I have been!lol…It’s been great looking at all these different characters that I have fallen in love with over the years.

My next choice is probably putting together a bunch of species of characters together…The Lion!

I’m not talking about in the biblical sense, but two of my most favourite characters of my entire life are Mufasa (The Lion King) and Aslan (Narnia). I love Lions, I love their sense of their pride and how they take care of one another (except when new male lions takeover of course).  I have seen so many video’s lately of these big and powerful beasts playing gently with the likes of humans.

The death of both Mufasa and Aslan (or near death) still after nearly 30 years can make me cry! I love the strength that both these characters have in taking care of their respective families. I could never ever choose between the two, I always wanted Alsan to come and take me away and I always wanted Mufasa to be my Dad!…(I really do love you still Dad though ~.^).  In fact I have got the Lion King on DVD but I have never watched it because I know I’ll cry, lol.

Mufasa comes from the movie “The Lion King” which was released in 1994 (exactly 20 years ago) and produced by Walt Disney Studios. Mufasa is introduced at the beginning of the film as the King of a kingdom called “Pride Rock”. The movie is mainly based around Mufasa’s cub “Simba” and what happens to him after Mufasa is ‘murdered’ by Simba’s Uncle Scar.

Mufasa voiced by – James Earl Jones.

Aslan is one of the main characters of the series “The Chronicles of Narnia”, he is the only character to show up in every single one of the seven books. It is fairly well-known that Aslan is based on the Christian idol ‘Jesus’. Aslan is a talking Lion of the mystical land ‘Narnia’ and is a leader and has many followers including: humans, mermaids, centaurs, Dwarfs…Just to name a couple! As gentle as he may seem, Aslan is never referred to as a ‘tamed lion’ because he can be as dangerous and extremely powerful.  A lot of people believe that “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” is the first book in the series, this is not true. Although the author, C.S. Lewis wrote “The Magicians Nephew” sixth, it is actually a prequel to the “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” and explains how Narnia was created.

Aslan voiced by – Liam Neeson.


11 thoughts on “The Lion Kings!

  1. I certainly watched both movies and I read some of the Narnia books when I was a kid. I don’t want to repeat the things I mentioned about my feelings toward The Lion King since you know how I feel when I found out the unsavory things about that movie franchise. Of course after watching Kimba, I refer to Caesar as the Original Mufasa since both are father lions who were the original kings that got murdered, have royal names (Mufasa is one of the Swahili words for king), and both have a scene where their spirits are in the sky to encourage their sons. Are your thoughts about that movie still the same since posting this or different?

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      1. Gotcha. I was just wondering. I’ve even seen the musical when I was a kid. The plot with Kimba and The Lion King aren’t identical, but it’s so obvious what they got from that anime like that scene, Kimba eating bugs in one episode, or Scar being Disney’s clone of Claw to name a few. You can rent the DVDs from Netflix from what I remember, but I don’t think there are a lot of places to stream that series. It used to be on Hulu years ago, but they got rid of it (the fact Disney has a share in that company is suspicious). I would also recommend watching The Lion’s Share about the Mbube/Lion Sleeps Tonight plagiarism case and Petite Noir’s La Maison Noir music video that Beyonce stole from to make the “Spirit” video for the remake. I wish Disney would just own up to everything whether it was those examples, that trademark case, or the problematic portrayal of the hyenas. It’s cool that you at least critique the company.

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      2. Sure thing. Give that a look since I heard different countries have different movies and series for streaming and for DVD rentals. I’m jealous that other countries can stream the whole Ghibli library and not America on Netflix (I would need HBO Max to do that).

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