Merry Christmas and a Happy New Doctor Day!

Just wanted wish a quick merry Christmas to everyone! Due to the time difference Christmas will be happening over a couple of days and then I’ll be watching the Doctor Who Christmas special. Like I’ve told my friends on Facebook not to worry I haven’t disappeared from the planet…I’m just inconsolable with the regeneration of the new Doctor!

Merry Christmas and stay safe! No drinking and driving!!! ❤


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Doctor Day!

    1. I hope you and your husband enjoy! I’ve been trying to have a “media blackout” day today and luckily haven’t seen anything about it yet on here! I am about to change into my Doctor Who get up that I got over this Christmas…I hope you and yours enjoyed your Christmas and the Christmas special! =D


      1. Lol! That’s a smart idea, there’s always one person who spoils it!!
        Watching Doctor Who in your get up sounds so cool! I know my husband always has his sonic screwdriver with him when he watches =)
        Merry Christmas and enjoy watching Doctor Who!! =)


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