SupaNova Madness

Well this weekend has been amazing and such a life changing experience as well as a perfect way to end a horrible chapter in my life! For those who do not know what Supanova is, it is basically a video game, anime, magna, movie and television convention. Like the ones they have in America, but they are only now starting to grow in Australia.

I went as a character for the first time ever and it was AMAZING!!! My character was Katarina from LoL or Leagues of Legends, which is a computer game. It was the most fun I had had in such a long time and the sore legs, head and behind the next day was completely worth it!

I had originally got the costume together for my ex, who introduced me to the game and for mainly that reason I chose not to dress up as her, but it felt fitting at this particular Supanova convention. You see, last years Supanova was pretty much were I met my ex. So to dress up as Katarina and at Supanova after a year later felt like a circle of life thing…An AWESOME circle of life thing!

I had so many people come up and take pictures with me and had professional photos done! I had professional LoL players compliment my outfit and now they want to meet up with me later and do another shoot! I will definitely be doing this again…So many ideas, I am not short of those!

Thumbs up to awesome times and now I can definitely say I am excited for the rest of the year! Everything feels different now…



6 thoughts on “SupaNova Madness

      1. I’d like to eventually either get around to cosplaying her or Miss Fortune. Also Jinx… That would be excellent.


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